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And we have reached the final sets for this round of content dumping. Unusually, I cannot think of anything else to say here so let us get on with it!


These are a blend of some Rensim eyes and some Ephemera ones and I love every pixel of their policy-breaking goodiness. They are geneticized (thanks to the lovely Beescratch who also took the main preview) and they come on Pooklet's lovely sclera. Man, these have been languishing on my computer, perfectly finished, for a while. Mostly due to laziness. The model is wearing the mid blue and the model down below is wearing the lightest gray.

The Loving Face
So, dudes, the only thing I am certain of regarding these lips is that the alpha is by Bruno. I got the base lips off of a sim I downloaded and then blended it with a picture I got off the internet and maybe there is another lip involved but I'm not sure. Anyway, all I know is that the only thing original here done by me is the colors and smushing everything together. The alpha is soft so they should look good on most skintones.


Bonus Round!
This is just Aelia's Weary Dreary dresses with open boots and the unsightly bows in the back removed, download them here.

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