the role to cast Boris Karloff in ([personal profile] petitchat) wrote2010-08-05 12:37 am

Nara (blended eyeset) + Arise (skin blend) for download

So I'm back to creating again, but for some reason I actually feel like my stuff is worth uploading this time around. Crazy, right?
Nara (the eyeset): The iris is mostly composed of eyes by Enayla and Pooklet, many thanks to those cool cats. The pupil and catchlight are from a picture I found traversing the internet. Abigail up there is modeling I, or light blue. 

Download Nara


Arise (skin blend): This blend uses skins from Rensim's Peau set and Pooklet's Kids In Technicolor blends. Thanks to them and all the creator's textures that Pooklet used in that set. The bodies are completely Ren (with the lovingly detailed genitals removed) and the nose and eyes are Pooklet's.