Hello, this is the place where I dump all of the content I make for Sims 2. My policy is quite simple, in that I don't give a fuck what you do. I tend to break policies rampantly and feel it would be hypocritical of me to have even a vaguely strict one myself. However, if you don't give me credit I will find you and yell politely inform you of your mistake across the internet.

And we have reached the final sets for this round of content dumping. Unusually, I cannot think of anything else to say here so let us get on with it!Read more... )
So apparently by return videotapes I mean when I return home from vacation. Anyway, I lied, one of the things for AF I was going to upload has a fatal flaw and I'm not up to fucking with it. That and the fact one of things was uploaded somewhere else and these offerings are indeed, meager. But hey, maybe you're still interested.

Also I did some stuff for EF because their wardrobes could always use some expanding, and it's almost a fun challenge to find things that I consider suitable.

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So, what we have here is ~three~ sets for children. I have to say, I really enjoy making stuff for the age group, probably because you can make everything as cute and ridiculous as you want. Anyway, blah blah get to the downloads.Read more... )
Do you like my wordplay? I do OwO

Anyway, this is an expansion upon the lovely edit the lovely Azaya did to a Freetime mesh. Included is a replacement mesh containing a working pregnant morph (my sims don't get fat and I have the laze) and 16 new tops, 7 print tees and 8 ribbed tanks. Tees have black bottoms as pictured above and the tanks have grey ones. Also included in this zip is a neatly labeled PSD for you to make your own retextures or if you want to nick the t-shirts off of these things.

 tank top preview
t-shirt preview

Credit: Azaya, Threadless, Shanalogic, 80stees, Full Bleed, Bustedtees, Rocksteady
and none for Gretchen Weiners bye.
So I'm back to creating again, but for some reason I actually feel like my stuff is worth uploading this time around. Crazy, right?
Nara (the eyeset): The iris is mostly composed of eyes by Enayla and Pooklet, many thanks to those cool cats. The pupil and catchlight are from a picture I found traversing the internet. Abigail up there is modeling I, or light blue. 

Download Nara


Arise (skin blend): This blend uses skins from Rensim's Peau set and Pooklet's Kids In Technicolor blends. Thanks to them and all the creator's textures that Pooklet used in that set. The bodies are completely Ren (with the lovingly detailed genitals removed) and the nose and eyes are Pooklet's.

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